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.wardrobe _ 2018 _ 
six cubes for clothes. all on wheels to be able to store them underneath a bed with slide doors.
(see pictures below. bed _2017_)
.slide door _ 2017 _ 
this room in a basement had no door at all. the most convenient solution was to install a slide door due to the big opening. it is made of pine tree and for the finish i used white pigmented lye. to reduce the effect of its massive appearance i decided to hide all its hardware. it melts perfectly into the rooms interior.
.bed _ 2017 _ 
to be able to take full advantage of the limited space this rather small room had to offer the idea was to built a loft bed. the three stairs are drawers and two slide doors at the front hide six cabinets on wheels for more usable space.
.restaurant tables _ 2016 _ 
rough and clean solution for the cozy corner of Mineral. these tables have just one leg each that i turned on the lathe. more space for the customers legs.
.coffee tables and stools _ 2016 _ 
for Uggla Kaffebar i made these stool and tables. 
again traditional, handmade joinery. dominant wood is cheery tree. mixed with some maple. fits the delicious desserts they offer and their amazing coffee.
.pallar _ 2014 until now _ 
to stand at the lathe can be very relaxing. from time to time i make one of these stools in different variations. each one is a unique product, handmade and longlasting.
.kitchentable _ 2016 _ 
alderwood. oilfinish. 
i prefer round tables. they just fit everywhere.
this one is my hommage to George Nakashima. one of the most known and inspiring woodworkers.
.bed _ 2013 _ 
this bed is made out of massive elm. for the inner beams that hold the slatted frames i used maple. the beauty of the boards convinced me to go for a very reduced and timeless design. all the joinery is traditional and handmade. the bed is completely detachable. 
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